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Guest Post: Getting used to vlogging

June 8, 2017

Getting used to vlogging Welcome, Glad you are here. I am trying to get used to vlogging. Let me know what you think, please. Love to hear from you. This a short written post today. The vlog can speak for itself. Hope you are all well. Doing good. My faith is just growing and growing loving this vlogging. Will admit I am a vain person. Will get used to seeing me on the vlog. yes, ugh long sigh. Hey, at…

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sosial media vlog

When people do something unexpected

November 26, 2016

Some people made me cry and some made me laugh while some just made me glad and brought a very good feeling in my body. Since Johan managed to infect me with the flu I am in a quite mood where I just relax and try to recover from the flu which is a perfect occasion to watch videos like I am sharing with you guys today!     Enjoy! <3 Xoxo Follow me on  Facebook and Instagram…

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