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When The Body Says Stop

November 13, 2017

Life is very hectic because we have so many tasks to complete. The everyday life demands a lot from us. We do our best to please each one that is part of our lives such as the boss, partner/family, friends and so on, and sometimes it can be hard to get through even the everyday tasks since life is so much more demanding than it used to be before. The problem comes when something extra on top of everything gets…

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Everyday It Is Already A Risk Itself

November 12, 2017

I can still remember the excitement when we decided to move from Stavanger to Trondheim for a year ago. Johan was just done with his master degree in finance, and the job crises has just arrived in Stavanger at that time, not so positiv for him at all who was looking for jobs there. Stavanger was and is a petroleum town and when the crises arrived so many people lost their jobs, it was devastating to see. However, at that…

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Home alone

November 11, 2017

Hi there, How are you doing today?  At this very moment I’m sitting here alone on my couch and I’m missing my boyfriend Johan. He is visiting his family since yesterday and I can’t remember the last time we have been away from each other for that many days. However, the 31 of Desember this year we have been together for 5 years, wow, I can’t belive that we have been together for so long, time really flies. Actually I…

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I believe in miracles

November 7, 2017

Do you believe in miracles? Is there such thing as miracles or is everything happening to us random things passing our way? Well, I believe in something bigger and that each event actually have a meaning. It might sound harsh since there are so many bad things happening in this world as well, and it is difficult to justify that bad things actually have a meaning. Look at it the opposite way though, it is actually possible to learn and…

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