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Getting back the chemistry

July 12, 2017

Work in progress –Initiative # 1 A couple a days ago I wrote about different phases in a relationship and shared some of the things that Johan and I are experiencing right now. I shared it because I believe that we are not the only ones facing difficulties in the relationship and I thought that being open about the subject would help others to do something with their relationship as well. I got the response I wanted and I hope…

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5 ways to get more visitors/readers

April 17, 2017

It has been a while since I have given tips and advice to my readers. This post is from a few months ago, but since I get new readers every day I would like to share it one more time. Every one of us is blogging for a reason and we want others to read our blogs. Without readers, the motivation to blog might fade but it can be hard to be seen in a world where there are so…

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Blog Daily Family Outfit


October 13, 2016

The autumn is here and it is starting to get colder in Trondheim but thank you God for warm clothes haha. We have really been blessed with sunshine for almost two weeks and it almost reminds me of Rio only 30 degrees colder haha.…

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Daily – Amazing news

October 1, 2016

It has been a quite exiting journey in Trondheim so far and there has been some radical changes in our lives lately. Moving to a new city requires to take care of a lot of things and things take more time since everything is new. My boyfriend has been very active since we moved here. He has been talking with a lot of people, recruitment companies and gotten himself a side job as well. I guess it is correct to…

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