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The imperfection

August 6, 2017

Honesty can be hard when living in a world of perfection where everyone strives for that perfect life which makes us create a bubble-like sphere that we live in. I have focused on relationships lately and that is why I want to dig a bit deeper into that subject. In a perfect world there must be a perfect relationship as well, right? The world would not be perfect if you don’t live in a rosy relationship receiving roses from your…

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Self-love is the first step

April 16, 2017

Love is always a good topic to talk about. We can share in so many categories when it comes to love. In life there are so many types of love and each one is so different in meaning. I have a very big heart and I can say that I love in so many different ways in my everyday life. Love is a complicated art to understand sometimes and it took me many, many years to understand the art of love.…

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Relationships – ups and downs

February 26, 2017

I must say that me and Johan we have a pretty communicative relationship where we can talk to one another about everything which makes our relationship stronger since there is more trust in it. There is even those who have claimed that they are a bit jealous about how a man and a woman in a relationship can work that well together and I must say that we also are best friends. Even though we have a good relationship there…

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