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Status – important or not?

April 19, 2017

Status is associated with material things which are sort of a measure of how successful people are. I would also say that status is associated with power since it gives the person some kind of benefit in interaction with other people. The person lacking status will tend to admire persons with the status which can give the persons with status an advantage in the society. Status can be inherited or come with a high profession where the salaries are really…

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7 Things I wanna do before I die

February 27, 2017

We are all going to die someday and we have only limited time on this earth. The world is full of exiting things to experience and it is actually difficult to make a list since I want to see so much. However, I had to limit my wishes in order to be able to write this post and I have come up with 7 things I wanna do and see before I die.…

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Tour guide in Trondheim

October 30, 2016

Who was the jackass that came up with the idea of 5 workdays and only 2 days for weekend leaving us with only 7 days a week? On Fridays I am thinking “finally weekend” and then it is suddenly Sunday again and it is time to go to work the next day. Tomorrow will be my first day on the course that I am going to start on and I am exited to start. Usually we are not as active…

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