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Status – important or not?

April 19, 2017

Status is associated with material things which are sort of a measure of how successful people are. I would also say that status is associated with power since it gives the person some kind of benefit in interaction with other people. The person lacking status will tend to admire persons with the status which can give the persons with status an advantage in the society. Status can be inherited or come with a high profession where the salaries are really…

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Today's special guest; Alyssa

January 6, 2017

Finally Friday woohoo!! Today’s special guest is Alyssa that has a passion for fitness, and loves to drink a lot of coffee! Show her your support and spread the love! If you would like to participate on my special guest please send me an email at   Hi Alyssa. Pretty awesome to have you as my special guest here today.   Hello Roberta! Thank you for having me, it’s an honor to be here today! 🙂   1. What or who inspired you…

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Cut the budget part 2

October 12, 2016

Hello everyone! Today I will continue my series where I give tips to my fabulous readers. Last time I wrote about how my boyfriend and I have managed to cut our budget and still eating healthy. If you haven’t read the post you can do so here Living together with an economist makes it obligatory to think about costs haha and we have made our own budget off course. We have found ways to save money and it is incredible…

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