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Emotions/feelings confession

November 27, 2016

First of all I want to thank you all for so many warm comments on my latest post! You guys really made my day so much better. It means a lot to me when I’m not feeling so well in the last few days, but I’m getting better for everyday that goes by. I think that only time will help now. Emotions are something that I don’t talk about very often, but today I will talk about something that I don’t think so…

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sosial media vlog

When people do something unexpected

November 26, 2016

Some people made me cry and some made me laugh while some just made me glad and brought a very good feeling in my body. Since Johan managed to infect me with the flu I am in a quite mood where I just relax and try to recover from the flu which is a perfect occasion to watch videos like I am sharing with you guys today!     Enjoy! <3 Xoxo Follow me on  Facebook and Instagram…

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Life sosial media

Positivism brings good things

October 24, 2016

Dear readers! I have something fun to share with you today. I am a very openminded person and I don’t care to share my life with people. My life is an open book. That is why I have a blog because I love to share things from my life and blog is about interests and I know that everything will not hit home with everybody. As a person I am very optimistic even though some of my optimism has been…

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