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The imperfection

August 6, 2017

Honesty can be hard when living in a world of perfection where everyone strives for that perfect life which makes us create a bubble-like sphere that we live in. I have focused on relationships lately and that is why I want to dig a bit deeper into that subject. In a perfect world there must be a perfect relationship as well, right? The world would not be perfect if you don’t live in a rosy relationship receiving roses from your…

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Poetry quote


April 8, 2017

A mind who dreams Can fly far away, far away Without boundaries, ahh A beautiful mind can only see The big picture of the dream Can you visualise your dream?   Imagining  your dream Close your eyes, live the dream Bread in and out, feel your breath Feel the inner dream with your soul The rest will flow as you grow   Dreams come trough visualisation If you can see with your mind and eye You can change the world if…

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interview sosial media

Today's special guest; Ellen

October 11, 2016

A new awesome Tuesday is here, and that means that I will present you another Special guest. I get so amazed by all the different personalities which really inspires me. However, last week I was interviewed by Ellen and today it’s my turn to interview her. As a girl I love to read about fashion and she has a blog that really makes you up to date.  Please Welcome Ellen and spread some love. Hi Ellen, so nice to have…

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Blog Daily Prompts

Planning is necessary to succeed

September 21, 2016

Today I have had my blog on WordPress for four months which has been a fantastic journey so far. I have to thank you all for the support that you have been given me in the last months. I have gotten in touch with so many incredible people with so many different minds. However, we are similar in someway since every one of us is trying to spread some kind of message throughout our blog. I have blogging as my…

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