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5 ways to get more visitors/readers

April 17, 2017

It has been a while since I have given tips and advice to my readers. This post is from a few months ago, but since I get new readers every day I would like to share it one more time. Every one of us is blogging for a reason and we want others to read our blogs. Without readers, the motivation to blog might fade but it can be hard to be seen in a world where there are so…

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Guest post interview

Take part in my Special Guest

December 4, 2016

Hello guys! ♥ It has been a while since I have had today’s special guest on my blog because the course and the job seeking process have taken a lot of my time. I must therefor change the way Special Guest works where I will give people the opportunity to choose for themselves whether they want to participate in the interview or not. If you want to participate then you only have to contact me via email and claim your interest…

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