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Status – important or not?

April 19, 2017

Status is associated with material things which are sort of a measure of how successful people are. I would also say that status is associated with power since it gives the person some kind of benefit in interaction with other people. The person lacking status will tend to admire persons with the status which can give the persons with status an advantage in the society. Status can be inherited or come with a high profession where the salaries are really…

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Discover the reason for why you blog

January 21, 2017

I first started blogging for 7-8 years ago to get away from thoughts that were hurting me after some hurtful experiences in my childhood. I found blogging as a therapy where I could write in order to think about something else which made the thoughts go away. After a while I understood that I could make blogging into a business but I never figured out quite how to and therefor I lost my motivation. I was going back to blogging…

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