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Guest Post- Single Fatherhood

August 28, 2017

I admit it,,,,I’m late with this guest post because I was sucked into the season finale of Game of Thrones,,,,had to watch! So me and my wife have been living apart since June,,,,with me having the kids, dog, house and a full time job while my wife lives on our boat,,,three hours away from here.  I’m exhausted now,,,,all the time.  I have a newfound respect for single parents of any type, especially if you have younger children and are working…

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Guest Post- missed my day-

May 19, 2017

Good Evening: You may (or may not) have noticed I missed my usual posting yesterday, and I want to apologize to my benefactor (Roberta) and to all of you,,,,cause it’s my fault.  But,,,,I’ll be back on Sunday to post on my usual day and back on track next weds. Things are a bit hectic this week,,,,as usual: -I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (stems from stopping your breathing when you’re sleeping) or excessive snoring.  I stop breathing sometimes while I’m…

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Guest post

Guest Post-Thoughts on Recreation

May 7, 2017

Recreation,,,,,not re-creation or procreation. I’m writing this after being in, under, within and throughout the hull of my boat for the better part of two days straight.  I took thurs and fri off work to head to San Diego, Ca USA to work on our boat.  We own a 46ft sailboat that’s currently for sale.  Her name is Tulum IV,  and we made the difficult decision in October of 2016 to put her up for sale because we started looking…

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