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5 ways to get more visitors/readers

April 17, 2017

It has been a while since I have given tips and advice to my readers. This post is from a few months ago, but since I get new readers every day I would like to share it one more time. Every one of us is blogging for a reason and we want others to read our blogs. Without readers, the motivation to blog might fade but it can be hard to be seen in a world where there are so…

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February 3, 2017

It has been a week or so since I moved to my self-hosted blog and it has been quite different and I am still adapting myself to the new web page and how things works. As you probably have noticed I have not blogged everyday because I am still learning how to figure out how things work on my new web site. I have had a few issues with my like button that never loads up. I am really sorry…

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Share your blog!

January 31, 2017

First of all If you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.. There are thousands of good blogs out there and think of all of that we are missing just because they are not visible to us. That’s why I want to encourage you to share your blog with me so that I can read and hopefully many of my other readers as well.…

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Technical issues & new design

January 29, 2017

Hi Guys! It has been two days since I have posted on my blog. This is because I am in the middle of the process of moving to my self-hosted blog. To be completely sincere I don’t have a clue of what I am doing. The dashboard is quite similar to the WordPress that I had before but a few things are a little bit different which is complicating the process of getting it done. I will be working and…

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