Blissfully Disconnected

August 29, 2016

Any such thing that you have taken for granted will put up its absolute worth once it ceases to be around.

The day following my arrival in Palakkad (my native place in the Indian state of Kerala) saw me staring into oblivion, feverishly wondering what I could do to productively use my break without the luxury of Wi-Fi, a book or the newspaper for distraction. My mobile phone (with the UAE sim) was safely stashed away in the cupboard beside the travel pouch that securely housed the passports. The Kindle displayed a line-up of my favorite books, read, and re-read; in all my excitement to travel, I had missed downloading a few more for a rainy day . The newspapers were in the regional language and the television played regional tear-jerking soaps in a vicious loop all day.

From the very moment we set foot in my in-law’s place, the kids (my darling niece included) lost no time to explore the expanse of the charming villa that sits adorned by a beautiful garden and a little porch that doubled as their playground with crazy insects and singing birds for company. What was it with the innocence of children, the satisfaction of playing with a tiny twig or the sight of a singing bird will set them gurgling with laughter as Rabindranath Tagore had rightly pointed out in his poem ‘Playthings’.

Why did the complexities of adulthood drain out all innocence?

Even as I sat contemplating on my productivity, I could not help smiling at the sight of Little Princess racing after butterflies.

At times, did having more really mean needing less? I saw myself sit on the lap of Nature cloaked in her timeless charms, energizing the hungry soul in her resplendent brightest green. No ping of the phone indicating a new WhatsApp message or fingers itching to peek into the lives of my friends on FB or the stories of war and suffering – just disconnected from the world and attached to everything that is real.

I often woke up to the gentle tapping of rain on the window and was quick to walk out into the adjoining terrace to breathe in the fresh scent of Earth. I enjoyed mornings staring at parrots flitting about happily amongst the green foliage. I laughed at the sight of the little blackbird pecking angrily sitting atop a confused mongoose. I stood mesmerized at the sight of the kingfisher that dived down in shallow waters and deftly picked up a wriggling fish between its long beaks. Dusk saw me staring captivated at the horizon that was a kaleidoscope of colors as the sun threw the last shards of light before bidding the day adieu even as the fragrant breeze carried with it the gentle chimes of temple bells.

Little Princess played with millipedes calling it “Betty Caterpillar”, and to my utter dismay, found a liking to squeezing them dead with her tiny fingers. Warm afternoons were spent indoors playing cards with the children (which usually had tearful endings). Evenings got us active with racing, a game of seven stones and catch. Going out meant all of us squeezed up on the seat of an autorickshaw, swaying and bouncing up and down with the children squealing and laughing (and the adults soon joining in), as the driver skillfully made his way through rickety unpaved roads with precarious twists and turns. One evening got the kids and me lying on our backs staring up at the sky as we let loose our imagination taking turns to carve out beautiful shapes in the clouds.

Now as I sit in the comforts of an air-conditioned home reminiscing about my fortnight in the quaint little house in God’s Own Country, I wonder if there is anything more beautiful than being in the lap of nature with children for company!


The husband had been quick to capture this colorful morning visitor

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