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Guest post; How to Live Simpler in a Modern World

February 9, 2017

Back during the days, people used to wish that life would become easier. Well, who can blame them? They had to do things manually. Students had to walk all the way to school. Employees have to manually write their reports. Families have to rub two sticks or rocks to create cooking fire. I even remember the time that I had to do my essay without the help of good old internet.

A lot of things have changed ever since modern technology emerged. Nowadays, we take the bus to go to school or to work. We use the computer to type our reports and other paper works, free to delete and alter every mistake that we make. Cooking, nowadays, can be done with one click in the stove. With all the luxuries we’re blessed with, some of us still feel the need to live a much simpler life. These so called “luxuries” promise to make our life easier, but in most cases, it tends to do the opposite. Well, sure, we get to our destination much faster through the use of vehicles. We write our reports faster and more efficiently with the help of the computer. And yeah, we get to cook our meals with less effort. But despite that, all these technologies makes our lives a bit more complicated.

When we become so used to our gadgets and other technologies, we forget how to be happy with just the simple things in life. And when we reach this climax in our obsession with modern gadgets, it can make a mess out of us. Just imagine not being able to sit still just because the internet was down or because your phone was low in battery. Just imagine wanting to leave your monitor but being unable to do so because of your addiction to it. That’s pretty bad, huh?

Some of us, really just picture ourselves sitting in a lake, watching the sunrise, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. When you’re living in the modern world, it’s really difficult to depart from it. It’s a good thing I’ve devised some tips to help you live a much simpler life, without losing head.

Get a basic cell phone

I wish that permanently ditching your phone was the key to all your problems, but I can’t, because apparently, once you do that, lots of new problems will emerge. The phone is just that important. We just can’t live without it. Communication is vital in human life. But we can downgrade it. Why? Well, don’t get me wrong. The phone is indeed a pretty need invention, but the trouble with it is that it’s equipped with too much unnecessary, doing us no good other than keeping us distracted and addicted.

Get rid of credit cards

Don’t get me wrong. Credit cards are cool. It buys us all the stuff we want without having to cash out right away. But the trouble with it is that makes us want to buy more and more luxuries that do nothing but keeps us from having inner peace. Another thing about it is that it’s the one thing that drags people down each month because of due payments. It only makes us desperate get a hold of things that we can barely afford. And to simply say it, it’s just bad for our wallet and for our “simple life” objective.

Declutter the home

If you take the time to clean your house, I bet you’ll find loads of things that you no longer need. Well, there’s no reason to keep them any longer. All it does is make your space messy and chaotic. Find different ways of getting rid of unused items. You might even be able to make some money selling some of your unimportant and unused things.

Track your expenses

This is very important. Why? It helps you see where your money is going. If you want to live more simply, then tracking your expenses is a good way to see if you’re making any progress. See if you’re spending more money on food rather than on video games. If that’s the case, and then good for you, but if not, it’s a good sign that you need to direct your life to the opposite direction.

Back to you

Those are just some of the small ways you can live a simpler life. The message I really want to send here is that life is all about choices, your choices. Everything that happens in your life is down to you. If you’re happy with the way you’re living right now, then that’s good, but if not, then you only have yourself to blame, and not your phone and most certainly not the slow internet connection. Start making decisions for yourself. Be the master of your life, and let good old technology do the decision-making for you.

Author Bio

Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She loves to travel Asian countries, writing reviews on each of them on her essay paper. She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers.

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