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Guest Post; How to Let Go of What Others Think of You

March 22, 2017

Did you feel it too? Oh, come on. I can’t be the only one. That feeling you get when somebody gives you an open criticism, the feeling that you just got shrunk to the size of a dwarf? They may this criticism in a joking way, but at the end of the day, the sting is still there. You begin to ask yourself where they get the nerve to tell you things like that when they obviously don’t know anything about you. The criticism might seem a bit small, but feeling that goes with it is just intense. You know the feeling that’s then followed with self-denial, and then develops into a hate? It makes you want to yell at them for giving out their opinion when nobody even asked them for it. You begin to envision shouting at them, and saying mean things, but at the end of it all, you realize, it was just all in your head. You really couldn’t bear to tell them all the things that were going on in your mind.

And the worst part about is that they leave you thinking of the scene over and over again until you begin to doubt yourself. You’ll start to wonder if they were right all along. Ultimately, there will come a time that what you know about yourself won’t matter anymore. Their words can really hurt your pride and self-esteem. In the long run, this kind of events will make you think that you weren’t really as good as you are. It can make you lose your self-confidence, but not if you know how to handle it.


We have our own opinions about ourselves, but so do others. To keep our feet to the ground we feel the need to get in touch with what others think about us. We don’t really ask people what they think, but once people tell us something, we take the time to consider it. Sometimes, listening to others can be a good thing, but most of the time it’s just awful. Most people would rather think up negative opinions about you rather than noticing the positive ones. It’s human nature. People always want to think of themselves as the better person. So, what’s my advice? Just trust yourself. Stop thinking about what other people might be thinking. You don’t wake up every day to impress them or make them happy. You wake up, get dressed, and go to work every day because you want to be happy. Live your life. Trust yourself.

 Unravel the ball

Examine the times you felt all the painful opinions you get from other people, and you’ll see a fur ball of reactions you never got to express. Well, why didn’t you react like you were supposed to? Well, the reason is that you yourself don’t even feel that you’re worthy anymore. Their words cut too deep. Well, maybe it’s time to unravel the ball. Instead of keeping it all inside you, why don’t you just tell them what’s on your mind? Once they know that you don’t like the things they tell you, and then they’ll just stop. If they don’t stop and then let’s move on to tip number.

Fire the culprits

You can’t make everyone a part of your life. If even after you tell them how their actions are bothering you and they still keep on doing it, and then just remove them from your life. There’s no point keeping a relationship with someone who does nothing but hurt your self-esteem. Be friends with people who lift up, not tear you down.


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Monica Morgan is a free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She loves to travel Asian countries, writing reviews on each of them on her She prefers using diverse writing styles to properly engage with a wide array of readers.

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  • Reply Vernon March 22, 2017 at 9:38 am

    Hi Monica and Roberta,
    To me criticism hurts more when it comes from people who are close to us.
    You’re right it make us second guess ourselves too.
    But when it’s done in love it should motivate us to better ourselves.
    That why trusting ourselves is the key because it builds up our self-esteem.
    Once our self-esteem is health we don’t doubt who we are.
    Great piece of work!

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