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Guest Post- Regret in the Desert

April 24, 2017

I posted my introduction last Sunday and have every intent of posting on Sun and Weds, but when I don’t get to it because I’m swamped, all I can say is I missed one of my days.  But in this post, I need to discuss something that’s been on my mind and I need to share.  Lots of folks talk a great talk about living life with no regrets or having do-overs so they don’t regret things, but I don’t much ascribe to that theory.  I have some regrets in life.  One of those regrets is something that’s been bugging me for awhile because I’m not sure it’s truly a regret, it’s just something that needed to be done.  I’m going to explain and you can judge for yourself:

As a youth, I started rock climbing and adventure mountaineering in college, getting more heavily into the mountaineering after school.  Eventually I would return to one of the United States’ premier “trad” climbing areas (Joshua Tree), becoming an avid rock climber.   Knowing I was going to be in the area for a number of years, I joined one of the premier High Angle Rescue Teams (rock climbing search and rescue) in the area, JOSAR (Joshua Tree Search and Rescue).  I was a dedicated member for several years, but wasn’t the guy there every practice session, but I went when I could as often as I could.  After nearly three years of commitment, my wife’s “on-call” weekend nursing schedule increased,,,,meaning if she was called in to work, I would have to be around to look after our two small children.  Knowing that commitment to the team was important and that my technical acumen was only so good as the practice put into it, I made a decision to leave the team.  However, I think I did it right.  I didn’t just fade away, I fully realized that I could not make the weekend hours needed per month to fulfill my obligation to the team and that my family would come first, so I let the Team Captain’s know I couldn’t uphold my commitment, and left the team.  I think the feelings I have are regret because I feel I may have let my fellow team mates down, but on the other hand, my family will come first no matter what and I know I need to show support for my wife.  So,,,is this regret. I’m not sure.  But I know I left some very good people on the team who were my friends and mentors, including the husband and wife duo who helped set up my entire blog site.  They run Benchmark Studios,,,,and helped my tiny, struggling blog site go from Zero to Hero in about a month (gratis),,,,something I appreciate more than they know.  If you have a chance and want to check out my site, it’s LiveFree2SailFast.  Thanks for reading, I’ll be guest posting again on Weds of this week.

JOSAR (Joshua Tree Search and Rescue) High Angle Team Practicing for the real thing-

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