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Guest Post-Thoughts on Recreation

May 7, 2017

Recreation,,,,,not re-creation or procreation.

I’m writing this after being in, under, within and throughout the hull of my boat for the better part of two days straight.  I took thurs and fri off work to head to San Diego, Ca USA to work on our boat.  We own a 46ft sailboat that’s currently for sale.  Her name is Tulum IV,  and we made the difficult decision in October of 2016 to put her up for sale because we started looking at larger boats with more room.  We’ve had two solid prospects now who have gone all the way to survey, but once to survey have decided to back out of the deal,,,based on very minor issues.  After this last survey, I decided to tackle three of the issues myself,,,,,knowing I’m not an expert or even good at any of them: A/C repair, fresh water pump cycling and Vacuflush Sealand Pump and Tank Assembly cycling (when I say cycling,,,,I mean the machine runs fine, but won’t turn off on its own, which it should).   So, it was a pretty exciting two days.  I was able to solve the A/C and fresh water pump cycling problems with the help of a couple of professionals, but the third issue with the Vacuflush Sealand system isn’t done yet.  I’ve got to bring in a professional on that one.  But, as I was upside-down looking through a small hole trying to get a flathead screw out  of my Sealand Pump and Tank assembly,,,I was thinking through this post and whether some folks in some cultures may not believe that this was relaxing to me,,,,,getting projects knocked out on a boat that’s for sale,,,,,and how other people in other cultures actually relax and find mental reserve.  From Iceland to Bahrain to France and Costa Rica,,,,,people have different ways to relax and recreate,,they’re not all the same.  For instance, in some western cultures it’s very normal to go to the beach and relax to get some sun,,,,but other cultures it’s not the same.  It also depends on social strata levels and how much money you have.  I’ve noticed in many countries that going to the beach or heading to the mountains is something that the more wealthy do or can afford to do,,,,while those with less money need to work to keep a living, not allowing them to recreate as freely.  What do you think,,,would you do different things if you had a crapload of money???

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to hop a jet to Saint Bart’s in the Caribbean to watch an Ocean Race,,,,but this is how those in the top social strata find their recreation.  On the flip side, those who hop a jet to the Caribbean probably wouldn’t want to take a truck down Baja Mexico for fish tacos or a train across Germany to find the best Oktoberfest,,,,would they?

Think about what you do to relax and unwind,,,,and whether that would change if you had more money?

That’s all for now,,,I’m back on with another guest post Weds.  Thanks for reading, I love writing as a guest poster and appreciate you reading, commenting and liking these posts.

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