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Guest Post: Guilty Ramblings

May 21, 2017

Good Morning:

I missed my usual guest post Wednesday and had to post an apology on Thursday, thus was determined not to miss my slot today (Sunday).  I will admit I’m feeling a bit unmoored or guilty about all the different blogging projects my little mind has put together, but mind and fingers have just not been coordinated enough to sit down and get them all into the blogosphere.  Not sure if any of you ever have this problem; it’s totally quite the opposite of writers block,,,,it’s just that there are too many story ideas and unless I take the time to properly think them through and write them,,,,they may not be explained as well as I would like.  And since I know they’re things I want to post, I feel a bit guilty about not having the time to sit down and just knock them out.  I read stories coming out of your blogs with delicate poetry, incredible photographs and total diversity,,,and I want to get there too, someday.  For now, I’m going to publicly fixate on planned projects coming to this blog and my own blog and decided where to go, because I have story ideas and lots of pictures, just have to plan those things out.

  • I want to finish my series on the sinking of the RMS Rhone (today) with the full color picture maps I have stored.  I purposely went the opposite direction most go with this project, cause I should have let people see these maps first to get a good orientation to the dive and wreck, but that was too easy.
  • I have lots of good pictures and want to break the stories of the on-water and vendor fair during the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show into two different posts, because they were really two different events on the same weekend.  But, this was back in early April and I have still not gotten around to writing these pieces,,,,but I will.  Soon.
  • During the same show mentioned above, we happened into the Rosie the Riverter Museum (which is now in the National Park System) and the Mountain Hardware Employee Store; and with lots of great pictures, this will need to turn into its own post.  I’m a HUGE Mountain Hardware Fan,,,so the visit to the store was one of the highlights of the weekend.
  • During the same weekend at the Pacific Sail and Powerboat Show,,(we love distractions) we went over to see the Victory Ship (built in the Richmond Ca, Shipyards), the SS Red Oak Victory.   (I’m a huge history fan). But, since it was closing time, all we got were some great photos,,,but while we were there we found an actual winery on the pier beside it,,,,and had to go explore and try the winery, Riggers Loft Wine Company.  This place was awesome.  It’s a cooperative of 4 different wine makers and their brands, is very kid friendly and had great wine.  We went back twice.  This will be a separate post and story because I have some great pics.
  • Lastly, we also went to the Newport Boat Show here in Southern California to check out the difference in boat shows, later in April.  Much different from San Francisco but worth it.

Ok, enough of my guilty ramblings, I’m going to work on these posts but since most of them will be longer and include multiple photos, they’ll be highlighted on here but put on in detail on

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  • Reply bobbyjava May 21, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Excellent update. How much longer are you in the U.S. I hope you are enjoying your visit and it sounds like you truly enjoy history. There are so many ideas I have on issues or topics and I can’t get them on my blog ( and your short blogs like the one above give me inspiration. Thanks and enjoy your visit to the U.S.


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