Guest post: Summer style tips for overweight men

May 29, 2017

Dressing according to your body type is of dynamic importance because no matter how keenly you follow the fashion trends if something does not compliment your body type and your personality it is not for you. Mostly the overweight men, in order to look stylish opt for tight fitted dresses in the hope that they will look somewhat slim, while others wear extra-large dresses in the hope that they will hide their body but by doing so they are actually drawing attention to the problem areas.

Dressing well is all about showing your body in the best and most complimenting way possible. So don’t stress over being overweight as the right choice of outfit can boost confidence in you and help you to stand out. This article will enlighten you with some style tips, if you are interested read below;


  1. Wear well fitted clothes

Ill fitted clothes make you look outdated and sloppy. Too tight or too loose clothes will only make you look more out of proportion. Tight dresses will highlight the belly bulges and loose outfits will make you look bigger therefore it is advised to wear dresses that fit you ideally. For summers stick to simple wide collared shirts, you can opt for dark colored shirts as they have a slimming effect.


  1. Wear vertical stripes

Opt for vertical striped summer outfits as wearing vertical stripes does wonders in creating a smart and stylish look. Avoid horizontal stripes as they make you look wider while vertical stripes have a more slimming effect on your appearance.


  1. Wear straight leg pants

Wear straight leg pants that are comfortably loose and do not belt them tight as again it will draw attention to the bulky part of your body. Opt for well fitted pair of trousers and avoid wearing pleats at all cost.


  1. Summer shoes

Talking about shoes, it is said that you can judge a man by the shoes he wears, so be wise while choosing your shoes. Simple docksides, boat shoes or canvas tennis shoes are a good option. Try wearing them with black straight trousers and a plain colored tee shirt for a more casual summer look.

  1. Summer shorts

Yes you can wear shorts but keep them simple, flat fronted with no pleats. It is best to opt for neutral shades or gentle pastels. Make sure that your shorts are of proper length, ideal length of a short is one that ends just above your knees.


  1. Accessorize wisely

Wear a stylish hat that suits your personality. It’s best to opt for flat caps as they look best on overweight men. Secondly get a good looking messenger bag to carry all the essential items in it because adding things to your pocket will just add more weight to your waist line. Thirdly if you want to wear a watch it is best to opt for a watch with big dial. Using small sized accessories will make you look out of proportion.



Author Bio:
Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂



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