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Guest Post: Creative Juice

May 31, 2017


Blooming time, coming out of shell seed breaking through see some light a breath of fresh air on things creative juice of thought growing it is so good –  going to nurture through positive thinking.

Thoughts come and go hopefully positive stay awe, Epiphany joy cries out what to do.

oh pooh, lost it… Quiet mind slow down when anger arises getting stuck slowdown breathe, pray, give it to God He will take it. Sooner or later we will have the whirling dervish in our mind calm breathe in slowly and out slowly quietly focusing on the Godly positive seamlessly enriching thoughts invade the mind overpowers.

Goodness takes over breathe slowly and out surely take more breaths and focus on the positive. You think now you are deserving strong, healthy in your creative juice spring forth enjoying simple, delights in your mind.


Thank you for visiting. Roberta is great to have me here I’m so blessed to have you all read my blog post. Please join her blog. And visit my blog love to have you visit.

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