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Guest Post: Tiny Humans Need Loving Parents

June 12, 2017

Hello Again!  I’m back after missing a Monday so please be patient with me. I’m Cindy and I invite you to read and follow my blog, simply.cindy anytime.  I would love to have you visit me there when you get the chance.  Thank you, Roberta, for having me here as a guest.

Today I hope to answer this question: What does a loving parent look like?

Also, If you have a moment, I’d be interested in hearing your answers to the same question.

Here are my own personal thoughts (I’m referring to parents of children under 6 years, though some of these ideas may apply to older children too.)

  1. Loving parents spend time with their children. Yes, I know you have to go to work and clean the house but spending time with your children is key.  Parenting is a verb for a reason.  Parenting is an action.
  2. Loving parents read to their children. Children need to hear hundreds of stories before they go to school.  Parents need to read stories and yes, sometimes the same stories over and over again so find some books you like and make reading part of your daily routine.  Get a library card.  Visit the library often. 
  3. Loving parents hug their children. Nothing says I love you more clearly than a hug.  Let children sit on your lap.  One day they won’t want to anymore so enjoy it while you can!  When was the last time you gave your child a hug?  Aim for several hugs a day, especially for a child who loves to be hugged.
  4. Loving parents set limits for their children. Remember, you are the  parent (not the other way around).  Listen to your children but don’t let them be the one to make the big decisions.  Be prepared to hold the line about the important things!  It won’t always be easy but they need you to be the leader, to teach them values.
  5. Loving parents make mistakes and are willing to admit mistakes. No one is perfect and your child needs to know that you are doing the best you can.  If you realize you’ve made an error in judgement, don’t be afraid to let your child know.  It would be really hard to live up to perfection and children just want to be like you.

What do you think a loving parent looks like?  I’m looking forward to your answers.

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Thanks for reading!



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