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Guest Post- We travel with Kids

June 12, 2017

Ok,  we just got back from a six-hour road trip either way there and back,,,,and I didn’t miss my guest post slot because it’s still Sunday my time,,,perhaps later your time.  On Weds I wrote a post about Adventure Travel with kids,,,,and I’ve following up with this post,,,,we travel with our kids.  My wife has taken a job that’s three hours away from where we live and we’ve made the decision that we cannot afford two households, so she will soon be moving onto our sailboat, Tulum IV, which is currently for sale.  We’d like to sell this boat so we can get a larger one for our growing family, but time will tell on that one.  Prior to my wife moving, we decided we wanted to do a quick trip across the state to low-key wine country, so we took off for our favorite part of the state,,,,which features two small towns surrounded by wine country; San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, California, USA.  Great places to visit, very green with great restaurants and very good wine. Not as large or commercialized as Napa Valley, so we can afford to have a good time and we can travel there in one day with a few hours left over to do things.

We road trip, adventure travel and sail with our kids, who are 5 and 7.  They are often vocal in their disapproval of long road trips, but we take plenty of stops, feed and water them like plants,,,,and try to make sure they have things to do.  This the best we’ve got and we’ve done this a number of times.  The best trips are when they have books, games and other things to do.  We do not give them phones or computers/tablets to play on,,because we cannot afford to get more if they are damaged and those things are very expensive for us.  We’re not totally against them, we just choose not to give our kids those things,,,,even at our house or on road trips.  I never had any electronics as a kid,,,,and I only turned out half-nuts.

Once in wine country, it’s obvious to people that we love our kids but want to wine taste.  We set them up with books and coloring stuff, give them cold water and snacks and allow them time to mess about, run, play, chase the cats and make friends with the various draft horses or other things around.  They love this and understand that wineries are not for them,,,,but we take them with us to spend that time with them too.  I think they need to understand this distinction and we make sure they do.  Both me and my wife have some of our best tastings sitting beside a 5-year-old immersed in her coloring while the 7-year-old reads,,,and we decide if we like the selections the wineries are pouring.  The wineries in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo are fantastic as well, as because they understand and like the fact that kids are with us, but we’ve clearly brought things for the kids to do in order to keep them busy.

Have you ever had trips like this,,,,or do you leave the kiddies at home with nanny or grandparent?  We have the grandparent option sometimes,,,but it would be so different not having a crying tired child who’s hungry at sunset,,,,when you’ve just sat down to have a glass of expensive wine with your hot wife.

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  • Reply @vapor_sage June 12, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Central coast wines were among my favorites, before I had to stop drinking, all the best to you and yours.

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