GuestPost: Happy Father’s Day and San Diego International Boatshow-

June 19, 2017

Good evening, I would be a jerk if I didn’t reach out across the electrons and say “Happy Father’s Day” to everyone who reads this and all of RobertaPimentel’s readers who are fathers.  Thanks for all that you guys do.  I’m a dad of two girls,,,,and won’t have any more kids.  They are enough.  They are full of life and full of mischief but I don’t care, they are going to be Daddy’s Girls, totally.

For my Father’s Day, the grandparents keep the girls and allowed me and my wife to attend the San Diego International Boat Show in San Diego, Ca, USA.   Great Boat show, different from the big one we went to in Richmond, but with many more boats.  This is our third large boat show in three months and you could tell the differences.  We go to the shows to look at new and used boats for idea on our own and because we soon need to make the decision to keep ours or keep her up for sale or not.  We’re leaning toward keeping her right now, as my wife likes her and has moved on board our boat to live on it as part of her moving to this new job, three hours away from our house.   This was a great boat show, with lots of on-water boats- mostly power boats, some sailboats, but a good selection of everything; except used boats.  That’s what’s missing from all these shows,,,used boats.  Very few are show and they are mostly very high end and very expensive, nearly perfect used boats that have never really been used.  The other gripe is the on-water tiki-bar,,,,which was much smaller this year than last and seating was non-existent except if you wanted to sit in the direct sun,,,,,,no one was leaving their precious shape seats.  But, people watching from the Tiki-bar setup was fantastic and both me and hot wife loved it.

Tonight is still Fathers Day and I may be able to get in a bit of reading time and sleep.  I’m going to put all the show pics and an expanded post on my own website: LiveFree2SailFast.com,,,,tomorrow night.  Good night, thanks for reading,,,,stay with us,,,,Sun and Weds nights for my guest posts-


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