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The final result from C9-program

June 21, 2017

To lose weight is so much easier then I thought. I was working-out  almost everyday for 2 years, but the results were coming really slowly. I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong and I found out what I needed to change in order to get the results I wanted.

Before I tell you I want to share a little story. For almost 5 years ago I got into a relationship with Johan who is my boyfriend today. When we met my weight was 55kg and since then I have gained 10kg more, crazy isn’t? I have always being an active person when it comes to attending the gym and workouts, not only because of appearances but because I know it is good for my health as well. However, I guess that entering into a relationship changes you and affects our habits and since Johan has been very stressed and focused his energy on studies and getting a job I found excuses as well. Attending the gym alone is not always that easy. This lead to lower self-esteem because I was witnessing my body change as the time went by.

This affected me in the way that I did not longer feel attractive for my partner even though he never said it it was something in my head that told me so. So this year, I decided to make some changes and do something with that inner feeling I had. Despite my boyfriend not attending the gym I started to go on my own and stop finding excuses for not to go. I started in January and the results were quite okay, but they did come really slow. Then I got introduced to Forever Living C9 program that has changed my body in only 9 days.

The picture above was taken about one or two years ago where you can see how different I looked then compared to now. I was actually doing a 30 days challenge and shooting pictures as well to demonstrate the change, but the pictures was deleted from my boyfriends phone due to security reasons because he did not remember his code and then everything was lost. My body was not so different from the 1-2 years ago. Next time, we will definitely remember to take back-ups. From January until the beginning of June I had only lost 3 kilos with my workout, but the C9 program made me lose 3 kilos in only 9 days.

Well, as you can see on the picture above I wrote down my weight on day 1, day 6 and day 9 during the C9 program to observe how the program was affecting my weight. I have to say that I am quite surprised how fast I lost 3 kilos since I have tried for many months to lose weight without any huge effects and the C9 program did it in only 9 days. I still have some more weight to lose before I reach my ideal weight but with the Forever Living program I know that I can reach my goals in a really short time and get the dream body that I want.

I have know discovered a program that has changed my lifestyle and therefor I want to help others who are in the situation that I was in to get a better lifestyle and get the body they want without having to sacrifice so much. To be over weighted is not  healthy because you can get lifestyle deceases such as diabetes and too high cholesterol and so on.  To feel good with yourself is something important and only you can make the changes happen. I can help you to make that change if you want to.If you want to take the step and change your life, please contact me and I will show you how in a really easy way. Send me an email at

To be honest I am so happy to work with Forever Living and I hope that more people can get to know this incredible opportunity where you can build your business internationally since we are present in 160 countries. If you want to have your own business without any risk you can contact me and I will show you how you can build your own business as well. If you are looking for more time for friends and family, more money, having the ability to travel more and the best of all helping others to achieve the same then Forever Living is the right company for you. Please contact me on


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  • Reply world4womencom June 17, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    You inspire me. This is my long pending agenda – to lose weight ?.

  • Reply consciousoftheheart June 18, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Such an inspiration. Is the program available in the United States.

    • Reply Roberta Pimentel June 19, 2017 at 12:33 am

      Thank you. Yeah, it is available in the US and I can help you to get it if you want 🙂

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