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Guest Post: We’re NOT all the same

August 17, 2017

It’s still Weds my time,,,,so I haven’t blown this guest slot on this wonderful blog.

I sat down tonight to make some brief remarks that won’t seem that powerful to you reading from a distance, but are really important for me to say, especially as a person of conscience.  I’ve had to open a bottle of decent Chardonnay to pull my thoughts together, after I took the entire evening taking care of the kids and getting them settled, my wife has moved approx 3 hours away for a new job, leaving me with house, kids and dog,,,but we’re making it work.

I’m aware that has more of an international audience than my blog or the other blogs that I guest post onto,,,,so I wanted to take the time to simply say to all of you that not all Americans think the same as our political leadership.  Not all white male Americans think the same as our political leadership or would ever even consider thinking or doing the things you may have seen on TV from Charlottesville.  That was a disgusting out-pouring of hate and bigotry that should have come to an end in our country long ago,,,,but still exists.  I’ve been all over the world, have met all sorts of people that should have hated me but simply wanted to live their lives in peace.  In my own country, people have nothing better to do than evoke images of Nazi’s, decry the Jewish Faith and make all sorts of hate speech about those who look, talk or think different.  Well,,,,,I’m different.

I don’t blog about politics, religion or hate and bigotry.  I do blog about adventure travel and sailing at LiveFree2SailFast.  I’ll write on here again on Sunday.

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