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Guest Post- Single Fatherhood

August 28, 2017

I admit it,,,,I’m late with this guest post because I was sucked into the season finale of Game of Thrones,,,,had to watch!

So me and my wife have been living apart since June,,,,with me having the kids, dog, house and a full time job while my wife lives on our boat,,,three hours away from here.  I’m exhausted now,,,,all the time.  I have a newfound respect for single parents of any type, especially if you have younger children and are working a full time job.  Would be very different if I were an actual house-husband and simply got the kids to school and back from school, but between those events,  I’m working 10-12 hour days with little relief in a job that has very high standards and NO overtime, bonuses or anything extra.  Don’t take this post as a bunch of complaining, cause it’s not,,,,at all.  It is what it is,,,and me and my wife have chosen this life for ourselves so we can meet a goat at the end of it,,,which is to leave and go adventure traveling on board our sailboat, Tulum IV.  In case you didn’t get it already,,,,,my wife and I are not separated except by distance.  She was given a new job with the same company and moved,,,,I had to stay here and continue to work until summer of 2018,,,when I’ll retire.  I love my wife and she’s a hottie,,,so I want to be around her as much as I can,,,,but we’re separated by distance right now.

Sorry this post is late on this Sunday night- I write my own blog at

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