Daily – New design


Well, I have told you earlier today that I was going to change my blog design. I have actually spent hours on it.. I want a blog design with soul that don’t look average but a blog design that is personalised. Technology is not my strongest skill but I have learned very much since I … Continue reading Daily – New design

Guest post: Improving the Quality of Sleep and how that will enrich your Life

A couple of days back I was sitting with my wife at a local coffee shop for breakfast when I complained about having a severe headache. “You just like to whine! You slept more than 6 hours”, she said, looking quite surprised. She was convinced that getting 6 hours of sleep daily was more than … Continue reading Guest post: Improving the Quality of Sleep and how that will enrich your Life

Under construction

The wellbeing of my readers is one of the top priorities on my blog. I have not been blogging for a very long time on WordPress and therefor I try out some things to see what works out best for both me and my readers. For not so long ago I changed my theme but … Continue reading Under construction

Today’s special guest; Robert


  Hello sunshines! ♥ Finally it's Tuesday and for me it is always an honour to present you a new special guest and in that way getting some inspiration and learning something new. He has a background in a field that interests me a lot which is mental health. Actually that is the job I am … Continue reading Today’s special guest; Robert

Daily – Dilemmas in life


Hi gorgeous readers! I would love every day to be amazing but life is not like that and we experience days where things are not perfect. Today has been a day where I have been thinking a lot. As many of you guys know Johan and I have just moved to a new city. It … Continue reading Daily – Dilemmas in life


“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice there is little we can do to change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.” — R. D. Laing

My opinion about judging others


In this post I will write about something that I think every human being does. We are a thinking creature and thereby we make up our mind when we meet others or when we see them on television. I would say that we tend to like people that acts according to our standards and if … Continue reading My opinion about judging others

Looking for new connections?


Feel free to share a link today. To share your blog or find new bloggers please click on the link below🙂 https://robertapimentel.com/2016/09/13/share-your-blog/  

Daily -keys to safe trauma recovery


Well, it is Sunday and usually Johan and I have late weekend breakfasts on Sundays where we make eggs and bacon and watch the morning news together. It is kind of a ritual for us and we have done it for years. This weekend is different since Johan went to work very early today and … Continue reading Daily -keys to safe trauma recovery

Things I regret


When I was younger I did not think about the consequences of my choices and I was never afraid to take risks in my life. Back then I did not want to listen to anyone and I thought that I knew everything and I always walked my own way in life. I must admit that … Continue reading Things I regret

Daily – Every girl’s dreams

We girls are a special specie and we have a lot of strange needs haha. Men in Norway say that they cannot live with or without us haha. However, I believe that it is our speciality which makes the men crazy about us and that is why we also deserve some extra special treatment.   … Continue reading Daily – Every girl’s dreams

Today is my boyfriend’s day


I had to wait the whole day for him today since he had to work on this special day. It is never optimal to have to go to work when you have something to celebrate but that is life and we need money to survive. September is a special month in many ways. My boyfriend … Continue reading Today is my boyfriend’s day

Daily – Today’s snapchat


    Wish you all an awesome weekend! Peace and love always ♥ If you would like to follow me on my snapchat feel free to do so at:  @robertaap Follow me also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roberta-Pimentel-122081677873993/

7 Things I wanna do before I die

The statue of liberty

We are all going to die someday and we have only limited time on this earth. The world is full of exiting things to experience and it is actually difficult to make a list since I want to see so much. However, I had to limit my wishes in order to be able to write this … Continue reading 7 Things I wanna do before I die

Daily – Family rules

We just bought ourselves a lovely decoration for our home. When we first saw it at the store we realised very quickly that it corresponds very well with our values. Do you agree with every single one of them or are there some that you would include or exclude from the rules? Let's have a … Continue reading Daily – Family rules

Daily – Love


As a blogger I think it is important to support dates like these. Today it is the International day of peace and therefor I wish to spread some love and good vibes to my followers and the rest of the world. As human beings the majority of us want a peaceful world where we don't … Continue reading Daily – Love

Planning is necessary to succeed


Today I have had my blog on WordPress for four months which has been a fantastic journey so far. I have to thank you all for the support that you have been given me in the last months. I have gotten in touch with so many incredible people with so many different minds. However, we … Continue reading Planning is necessary to succeed

Treat others as you would want them to treat you

Featured Image -- 8143

Roberta Pimentel

Mankind tends to try to achieve what is best for themselves. We often think «what is in it for me?» In economic theory we have the concept of maximizing our own utility and trying to get the most out of every situation and choice we are in front of.

There is nothing wrong in trying to achieve things in life and I think that everyone should try to get the most of their talents. The problem is when the maximization of «ME» is hurting the person next to us. When greed is set above values and so on. In situations like that we tend to forget about the other persons in our surroundings and it is easy to hurt people on our way to the maximization of ourselves.

I believe that it is possible to become successful and think about others wellbeing at the same time. I am a firm…

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Guest Blogger

How do one start a Guest Post?  Something I have never done before! OK, maybe one should start at the very beginning..... Roberta, I cannot thank you enough for this enormous and absolutely fantastic opportunity and honor to participate and share space on your prestigious blog.  I have been so fortunately to get to know you through … Continue reading Guest Blogger

Today’s special guest; David


Hello everyone. The weekend is approaching and it is time to have some fun and relax a little bit and forget about duties. Today I want to present you a new special guest who is an author and has a sadistic cat. So please welcome David.🙂 Hi David . Thanks you for accepting my … Continue reading Today’s special guest; David

Family first always!


There is always a tensity in my body when I am about to visit my youngest daughter. We can't meet as often as we would like to and I wish that I could tell you everything but in order to protect both me and my daughter I will only share the positive things.   Today … Continue reading Family first always!

Reblog, guest post & special guest


Okay. I want to make some things clear by writing you an informative post regarding reblog, guest post and special guest. When it comes to reblog I use time every day to read posts that are potential reblogs on my  blog. When I reblog I don't expect anything mutual but I appreciate every person that … Continue reading Reblog, guest post & special guest

The blue dress


The last two days feels like a dream because September is not usually that warm and sunny. Yesterday was a bit warmer since today it was more windy. However, I could use a summer dress and feels really comfortable. Today we have spent time with family since we are leaving for Trondheim. We have actually … Continue reading The blue dress

How to increase the traffic on your blog


Lately I have gotten many questions on how I have been able to increase the number of readers on my blog. There is no recipe for doing this but I would like to share my strategy with you guys. When I first stated at WordPress I went through some courses that you can read more about … Continue reading How to increase the traffic on your blog

Today’s special Guest; Don

A new and beautiful day has just began. I must say that this guy is able to inspire other people in an amazing way. I have not yet read his books but I will definitely have a look in the future when things have settled down. Please give him a warm welcome! Hi Don. Thanks … Continue reading Today’s special Guest; Don

Our morning routines


Morning routines.. I have actually been waiting with this post since I was hoping that me and my boyfriend would get a job first. I have had an intern job at a clothing store but only for 3 times a week while my boyfriend has only stayed at home applying for jobs. Therefor, to be … Continue reading Our morning routines

My apologies

I am really sorry for the inconvenience that the change of blog design will bring. I am working on it but it will take some time because this is not my strongest skill but I am doing it as fast as I can. Thank you for your patience and your understanding. ♥   Hugs❤

Nothing to lose


My DNA as a blogger is to always share positive thoughts and spread joy on my blog since I believe that people have enough dealing with their own problems than listening to mine. I don't like to share my problems since I don't want to use my blog as a platform for doing so. This … Continue reading Nothing to lose

Project BMG – Chilly choice of outfit in summer

This is my little moment dedicated to clothing or fashion or whatever you want to call it, as it is not mere fashion or fashion news or what's hot or not right now. It's fashion to utility in my daily routine. I love beautiful, stylish clothes... and who doesn't?! Some maybe are not that fond … Continue reading Project BMG – Chilly choice of outfit in summer

Project BMG – Eye Complications of Diabetes

 Diabetes is a systemic disease that can affect various organs and systems.  It is a leading cause of eye complications that usually have slow onset, are painless and generally might have no symptoms until it’s too late.  This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of seeing an eye doctor at least once a … Continue reading Project BMG – Eye Complications of Diabetes

My background


You don't choose your background and it can determine parts of your life either positively or negatively. You can inherit a lot of money which can give you a flying start in life or you can come from a family that don't even have money for sending their children to college which might affect that … Continue reading My background

Today’s special guest; Roberto

Hello fabulous people! Today I have the honour to present the first guest of my new series "today's special guest" . Hi there Roberto. Thanks for accepting my invitation to be a guest on my blog today.   Thank you Roberta for inviting me to be interviewed in your blog which is an island of … Continue reading Today’s special guest; Roberto

My English Brazilian accent (vlog)

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 18.20.36

Happy weekend everyone It is Friday!😀 Today has been such a wonderful day in Norway with blue skies and sunshine. We are desperate for days like these because it is very rare that we have it haha. It was really nice to have a day off from work so that I could spend some time … Continue reading My English Brazilian accent (vlog)

Treat others as you would want them to treat you


Mankind tends to try to achieve what is best for themselves. We often think «what is in it for me?» In economic theory we have the concept of maximizing our own utility and trying to get the most out of every situation and choice we are in front of. There is nothing wrong in trying … Continue reading Treat others as you would want them to treat you

Today’s Photoshoot & Outfit


It has been a while since I have posted outfit pictures and even new pictures. I am a very low person and I have a height of only 1.60 m. I wish that I was 10cm taller haha. Usually I never use a long dress since I feel that a long dress is more suitable … Continue reading Today’s Photoshoot & Outfit

What I care about


I was in a period of my life where I kind of had lost parts of my identity and was searching for things which could bring meaning to my life. Everything was okay with me it was just that I felt that my life was very ordinary and I found it strange that only ordinary … Continue reading What I care about

I am sorry


Hi guys! How are you? I don't know even how to start this conversation but I will try my best I promise. First I want to say sorry for no activity on my blog yesterday but there is a reason for why I didn't reblog or post anything yesterday. I'm a very sentimental person sometimes and … Continue reading I am sorry

Captivating good memories


Hello awesome people! A new week just started and I can’t wait to see what happiness this week will bring. I hope you have had an amazing weekend since I have had a magical one. Yesterday I travelled very early in the day and the weather was pretty good with only a few clouds but as … Continue reading Captivating good memories

Planning is necessary to succeed

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This is the schedule on my blog from now on🙂

Roberta Pimentel

Today I have had my blog on WordPress for four months which has been a fantastic journey so far. I have to thank you all for the support that you have been given me in the last months. I have gotten in touch with so many incredible people with so many different minds. However, we are similar in someway since every one of us is trying to spread some kind of message throughout our blog.

I have blogging as my hobby and I need a full time job to pay off my bills as everybody else. However, it is not a crime to take a hobby seriously and that is exactly what I am doing regarding my blog. The last couple of weeks I have had a lot of time to blog and therefor I have had the chance to blog whenever I wanted to do so. This will change…

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A Question of Empathy


Can you find it in yourself,

to wear another mans shoes.

Walk the path he’s trodden,

experience his moods.

Can you empathise with him,

understand his woes. 

Does it help you if you see, 

the way he chose to go.

Do you have an ability,

to show you care, that’s all.

offer genuine sympathy,

without setting out your stall.

Can you manage feelings,

that come as an onslaught.

Think upon it sensitively,

not refer to rules life’s taught.

Can you respond without reacting,

thinking carefully.

Offering sound guidance,

without transferring to ‘me’.

Can you really listen,

and respond to what you hear.

Can you be of real help,

are you able to persevere.

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My top 7/things to say on a bad first date

Annette's place

Being single after 25 years of marriage seems easier than dating in this day and age. So, here are some of my top things to say on a bad first date. Mind you I would never do any of these things so this is pure humor. Not meant to offend anyone!

Stand up and turn your butt towards him and say “do my depends show through my pants.” “Because I am sure having an anal leakage problem, do you have that too?” Haha

Flirt. Flirt. Flirt just not with your date and talk to your date about other patrons of the place you planned the date. “Would you look at the shitter on that critter.” “He can drive my truck right into gear right here!” Be obnoxiously flirtatious just not with your date!

Profess to them you’re in love and its with her/him. “Do you believe in love at first…

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Share your blog!


First of all If you reblog this post you help me, I help you and you help your readers, so everyone wins.. There are thousands of good blogs out there and think of all of that we are missing just because they are not visible to us. That's why I want to encourage you to … Continue reading Share your blog!