Lucky day!’

Wow, I still can’t believe that I made it! It must be my lucky day  :-)

Today it is exactly three months since I moved to Trondheim, a town where I didn’t have so much friends or any network. I was very sceptical in the beginning and I felt that things did not work out as I wish. I’m not a very patient person and I prefer things to happen as fast as possible hahaha. This has a positive and a negative side. The positive side is that I never wait for tomorrow if it can be done today and the negative side is that I’m terrible to wait for something or someone. I have a lot to work with regarding my patient skills hehe.. The fact that I can reflect upon my weaknesses is a very useful skill which I’m glad for.


I have studied economics and I was therefor thinking about using my the studies for working in an office with administrational tasks. The goal is to Continue reading “Lucky day!’”

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What is your driving force behind blogging?

Today i’m sharing my thoughts about something very interesting. I hope you will share your opinions around this topic🙂

Quill & Parchment

First of all I want to thank Quillnparchment for the opportunity and the idea of the topic of this post. I think the topic is very interesting and important and I am very glad that I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts around this topic on Quillnparchment’s blog.

Blogging.. Why do we blog actually?  I think there are many answers to that question because the motivation behind can differ according to interests and so on. Motivation brings topics to the blog which is driving our willingness to write. There are so many good blogs out there where you can see people really passionate about what they are doing which I truly love. The motivation and idea behind this post came from Quillnparchment who asked me to write about things such as the driving force behind blogging.

Blogging for a cause. Do you have to blog for a cause or…

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Take part in my Special Guest

Hello guys! ♥

It has been a while since I have had today’s special guest on my blog because the course and the job seeking process have taken a lot of my time. I must therefor change the way Special Guest works where I will give people the opportunity to choose for themselves whether they want to participate in the interview or not. If you want to participate then you only have to contact me via email and claim your interest on email@robertapimentel.com.

Today’s special guest is an opportunity for new bloggers and also for the ones having readers but wanting to extend to new types of readers and making it possible that more readers come to know about their blogs and their blogging character. I have almost 15000 subscribers on email and almost 2.500 on the WordPress account which you will have the opportunity to promote your blog to.


Many people ask me why I do this. Since I started blogging my goal was Continue reading “Take part in my Special Guest”


Stats update

Happy weekend!😀

Today has been a great day where I went to my first interview in Trondheim. My mailbox has gone totally crazy the last days where I have gotten many mails regarding participating on interviews and I find it so exiting. On Monday I have a new interview and I cannot wait! The company that interviewed me today is very interested in my services but I told them that I had to consider their position since I want to find out what the other companies can offer me before accepting a contract.

However, that is not what I want to talk about today. As you probably have noticed, the last few months I have not spent so much time on the blog since I have prioritised getting a job since that is what will pay my bills but believe me guys you are always in my thoughts.

Today I want to show you my stats and give you a picture of what happens when you don’t use a lot of time on blogging.


As you see on the picture below I started blogging in May and it has now gone 6 months since I first became a member here on WordPress. It has gone almost half year. OMG!! can you believe it?! Continue reading “Stats update”

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5 ways to get more visitors/readers

It has been a while since I have given tips and advice to my readers but now I have scheduled advice and tips to be on Wednesdays. I am really exited about the new schedule since I am also challenging myself to do something new for my readers but off course I do learn a lot myself with my research.

Everyone of us blog for a reason and we want others to read our blogs. Without readers the motivation to blog might fade but it can be hard to be seen in a world where there are so many good blogs and not everyone knows how to promote their blog. Propaganda and marketing today is very costly and for a private blogger it is almost impossible to be able to use these sources of promoting a blog. I am always looking for ways to make my blog more visible and I have learned a lot the 4 months that I have been blogging here at WordPress which I want to share with my readers.

Today, I will give the advices that I have learned the last 5 months.

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What does the future bring?

I have been walking around for a few months now with some thoughts in my head that both excite me and make me worried. I love people but I also love technology. I must admit that technology has made my life a lot easier than it used to be but also complicated in some ways. Technology has given us the opportunity to communicate with people on the other side of the globe, staying online all day and getting the latest on our smart phones etc… This is very convenient specially for me who have a family on the other side of the world. On the other hand, the negative aspects are that there is a tendency of people being less social and it affects our written languages by emojis and so on. However, even though they take away our beautiful written language and all the ways that we can express ourselves they make the texts more exiting and affect our emotions.

Even though I would like to go back to the past and leave this technology bubble I would not be able to. The only chance would be to move out to the wilderness since living in the society without technology is not possible. Technology has given us many things such as new jobs but it has also caused many jobs to disappear.

So my question is therefor is there any limit on the technology? How far should we go? Is there any level where we should stop?

Among the lower/middle class the people tend to not have higher Continue reading “What does the future bring?”


New decoration. Before & After pictures

OMG! It is almost weekend and this week has just flown away. The best of everything is that my shoulder is recovered and I have no pain which feels fantastic. The best part is that my love is almost past the flue even though he yet has to get rid of the rest of it. However, for not so long time ago I started to decorate our home for Christmas and we really loved the way we had made our home and if you haven’t read the post then you can do so Here. Anyway you can see the pictures below as well that is before the new decoration.

Today I went for shopping while waiting for Johan while he was at work. There is a lovely shop next to his work place where I tend to go window shopping while waiting for him. Johan told me that we really needed a Continue reading “New decoration. Before & After pictures”


Er det greit å lure folk???

Jeg har latt meg engasjere av Kristoffer Joners “påståtte” innlegg hvor han visstnok tar et oppgjør med Sylvi Listhaug sin innvandringspolitikk der han oppfordrer folk å donere penger til NOAS.

Da jeg først så innlegget tenkte jeg at han bør få ha sin mening om saken som alle andre selv om jeg synes det var litt ekstremt å bruke henne som eksempel og be folk donere i Sylvi Listhaugs Continue reading “Er det greit å lure folk???”


Stress can make you sick

Happy Friday fabulous readers! Aww finally the Friday is here and it is time to have fun and use time for ourselves and our love ones. Today I want to talk about something really important that I have learned about on the course today which actually made me sick a couple of years ago.  Continue reading “Stress can make you sick”

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Saturday is a good day

Aww, how wonderful the weekends are where we can just relax, have fun and just doing things without having a specific agenda or take care of duties. How are you doing by the way?

Today Johan and I went to a mall where we have not been before and I felt such a warm atmosphere there and it was crowded of happy people. I believe that there are more people than usual on mall on Saturdays since it was so full. Johan and I were so hungry and therefor the first thing we did was to go to a takeaway place to buy a sandwich that was so delicious. There was also a ice cream shop nearby and we went there to buy ice cream, Irish coffee and have a good conversation while looking at the people walking by.

Johan is a very gentleman and Continue reading “Saturday is a good day”


Don’t judge a person based on his/her viewpoints

There are many ways of viewing the world and the democratic countries are run by the elected politicians. The citizens of a given country can influence the way the country is being governed by voting for the party or the candidate they support. Politics can also lead to fights, big fights, like we have seen in the US lately where the country is divided after a long period of election.

Every side believe very strongly in their way of understanding the world and what kind of systems they want their country to have and have often limited tolerance for the opponents viewpoints. I am a huge fan of politics and I am thankful for living in a country where we have democracy but politics can also harm if we use it as a tool for creating gaps between people.


The election in the US has done that and I am sad to see it happen. Yesterday I wrote a post about Trumps secret to success where I wrote about my viewpoints on how it was possible for him to win the election. I was surprised by some of the comments that I felt were attacking since I Continue reading “Don’t judge a person based on his/her viewpoints”


The secret behind Trump’s victory

I was a bit silent during the elections in the US and I did not want to reveal who I was cheering for before yesterday evening. The reason for this is because I did not want to influence anyone in the US by my opinion since I was not voting in the country. I think that it was important that every American reader of mine was taking his or her own decision.

When I revealed my favourite yesterday I got a lot of comments and some were angrier than others. People were asking me how the heck I could cheer for Donald Trump. The whole family of my boyfriend were cheering for Hillary Clinton but I did not let myself affect by their opinions. Johan supports some of the opinions of Trump but did not dare to hope for his victory due to his sayings about NATO which frightens every Norwegian citizen. Norway is very dependent on NATO due to the situation of their neighbour in the east which is Russia. He was therefor a bit sad and afraid of the news that he got early this morning. I am not that stressed though since I don’t think that Russia will take action against Norway in any near future since I believe in American presence in the union.


(Picture source here)

The world is shocked of the news today and everyone are asking themselves how that guy managed to win when the whole world was going against Continue reading “The secret behind Trump’s victory”

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Family first always!

There is always a tensity in my body when I am about to visit my youngest daughter. We can’t meet as often as we would like to and I wish that I could tell you everything but in order to protect both me and my daughter I will only share the positive things.


Today I travelled to Aalesund to see her and I was very exited. I have always expectations in front of our gatherings and there is always a part of me that is afraid of that it won’t be as I have expected it to be. However, Continue reading “Family first always!”

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Reblog, guest post & special guest

Okay. I want to make some things clear by writing you an informative post regarding reblog, guest post and special guest.

When it comes to reblog I use time every day to read posts that are potential reblogs on my  blog. When I reblog I don’t expect anything mutual but I appreciate every person that reblog my posts. I don’t want to reblog everything that I find because it must be of a character that interests me and at the same time is good for my readers. Many asks me if I can reblog some of their posts but this is not the way it works on my blog. Making that clear I want this to work both ways since I don’t want that people reblog my posts just because they are doing me a favour however I want them to reblog my posts because they like them.

Guest post is different. Everyone can write a guest post on my blog and this is created to help my followers. Only the ones that follow my blog is able to write guest posts. I also do this because I like to get to know new bloggers and get some inspiration as well. I see this as a win win situation where they can get more readers by spreading their message to my readers which will increase the traffic on their blog. They can link their blog in the post. So if you want to write a guest post please send me an email and I will give you all the information you need. Email: email@robertapimentel.com

There is always some blogs and bloggers that fascinate you in a special way. This can be the content on their blog, their experiences or just their way of living their lives. Special guests are only those that I personally invite on my blog. I like the ones that inspire others to succeed. This fascinates me a lot and I like to share the blogs of these people to my readers by interviewing them. In this way both me and my readers will have the chance to get to know them better.




This is some information on how I work. If you have further question please do not hesitate to email me on email@robertapimentel.com

Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Roberta-Pimentel-122081677873993/

Wish you all a fantastic day!


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Captivating good memories

Hello awesome people!

A new week just started and I can’t wait to see what happiness this week will bring. I hope you have had an amazing weekend since I have had a magical one. Yesterday I travelled very early in the day and the weather was pretty good with only a few clouds but as you can see we could see blue skies.

I am very afraid of flying and I get butterflies in my stomach when I sit waiting for takeoff. I am glad that it is a short travel around 45 minutes each flight but I have to take two flights to Ålesund since there are no direct flights. For some reason I brought with me my camera something that I usually don’t do when I visit my children since I use my mobile. Despite being afraid of flying I get really fascinated every time we are up in the air and it is amazing to see God’s creation. It was exiting to see parts of my city from the air and I suddenly remembered that I had brought my camera with me and I have never taken picture with my camera from an airplane. Today you can see where I live from the skies.





I don’t know if I have told you but I have two beautiful daughters that also live in Norway. The name of my oldest one is Stephanie and the name of the youngest is Gabrielle. Stephanie is 18 years old and Gabrielle is almost 9 years old. We don’t live together but we do meet as much we can. It is always amazing to see them and spend time with them.

The visit started with my youngest one since Stephanie had been at a sleepover party at a friends house. As you can see on the picture below Gabrielle was really happy for the gift that I gave her and she had to wear the clothes right away.





We made an appointment with Stephanie to meet her at Burger King and eat some junk food. Gabrielle got so exited because she loves to be outside and playing with her older sister . We had a really good time together and after having eating we decided to go and buy some ice cream hehe.

We are living by moments and it is the moments that we will remember when we get old. That is why it is important to capture every one of them to be able to look at the nice times that we have spent together. It is particularly nice for me to look at all the fun and memorable moments together when I am not with them. As you can see the saying «pictures tell more than a thousand words” is really true from the pictures below.



In the end of the visit me and Stephanie went to a flower shop and looked at all kinds of amazing different flowers and was looking for some inspiration for my apartment but I didn’t buy anything this time. Maybe next time I will take something with me back to Stavanger.


On my way home I was exhausted but inside me I was really happy after having seen the most precious in my life. Besides being happy there were some feelings as well where I didn’t want to say goodbye. That is always the hardest part of every visit I give them.

Back in the airplane I could not ignore the beautiful view from the window. I feel blessed to have a chance to see such a magnificant view and I must say that the moon combined with the beautiful colors on skies were just amazing.

When I was approaching Stavanger Airport and was descending the sun was about to go down. I could not miss such a fantastic scene and had to take a picture on my way home as well.


Now I am back in Stavanger again and a new week lies ahead of me but I will carry with me the memorable moments from the weekend and think about how lucky I am to have these two beautiful persons in my life. I am looking forward to see them soon again.

How was your weekend?

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The key to love

Mirror & Soul

I just came across this poem that we had as part of our wedding ceremony. We got married four years ago in Canada in a beautiful Autumn day. It was magical, and it was much more than I had ever dreamed of.

I don’t believe there is one ‘recipe’ for a happy marriage, except that it will not survive without love and respect. That’s why this poem speaks so much to me. I hope you enjoy it!

The key to love

(unknown author)

The key to love is understanding …
The ability to comprehend not only the spoken word,
but those unspoken gestures,
the little things that say so much by themselves.

The key to love is forgiveness ….
to accept each others faults and pardon mistakes,
without forgetting, but with remembering
what you learn from them.

The key to love is sharing …
Facing your good fortunes as well…

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